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The Science of ASEA


ASEA's patented technology of Redox Signaling is a massive breakthrough in the scientific field. To find more information and peer reviewed studies on the science of Redox Signaling, please visit There you will find over fifteen thousand peer reviewed studies about Redox Signaling and its importance. 

You can also find more information about the science at

ASEA Science: Cellular Health from the Inside Out

Bodies break down. Your own body, right this minute, is breaking down in one way or another.

Even if you FEEL healthy, there's probably some insignificant ache or pain you're ignoring that could be signaling a bigger issue.

50 million Americans have autoimmune diseases: arthritis, certain skin and digestive disorders, lupus—all treated by relieving symptoms because there's i no known cure.

What about hormones? Most of us, men and women alike, experience an imbalance of some sort during adulthood that can decrease libido, increase body weight, sap energy, and affect mood.

Simple gut health isn't so simple for 70 million people in the United States, accounting for nearly 40 million doctor visits and 8 million emergency room visits each year.

And the fast-paced lifestyle most of us call "normal" leads to stress-induced (chronic inflammation, which is linked to the major causes of disease deaths, lincluding heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, stroke, and cancer.

Heart disease alone is listed as the underlying cause of one in every three ideaths.

Overwhelmed? Don't be. The reason these breakdowns happen is actually very simple: the body stops responding to instructions from the genes. There's a breakdown in communication between what your body is being told to do and what it's actually doing.

This communication depends on having healthy cells in every system of the body. If the heart cells don't get a message, for example, they can't carry out the genetic instructions to keep your heart functioning well.

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ASEA's proprietary Redox Signaling science provides support and health at the cellular level. Listen as doctors in the accompanying video describe the benefits of this breatkthrough science. 

ASEA REDOX, RENU 28, and RENU Serum, are the first and only supplement on the market that contains active redox signaling molecules-cell signaling molecules shown scientifically to benefit gene expression in five specific genetic pathways:

  • Immune System

  • Hormone Modulation

  • Inflammatory Response

  • Digestive Function

  • Cardiovascular Benefits

Science shows that our diets, our environment, or just getting older can actually turn off genes!

ASEA REDOX and RENU Advanced redox products are the breakthrough that blocks that breakdown. These groundbreaking products are the only redox products certified to contain active redox signaling molecules.

The only ones that turn on genes.

ASEA's patented technology is the only one that creates and stabilizes active redox signaling molecules, cellular messengers that activate gene expression, in a consumable form. And it's done in a patented process using the same building blocks body uses—salt and water!


ASEA Global Buy ASEA now ASEA
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